LSO solves case of the missing jewelry

The Lancaster County Sheriff's Office arrested Todd Hamersma, owner of Todd's Appliances, in connection with a missing jewelry investigation.

We first reported last week that a Hickman woman thought she left $53,000 worth of jewelry in the pedestal of her new dryer when she had it sent out for repair.  After the dryer came back sans jewelry, she reported it missing.

It turns out the jewelry was actually in her old dryer, which was taken to Todd's Appliances in Lincoln.  Lancaster County Sheriff Terry Wagner says store owner, Todd Hamersma, and his wife, Tessa, found the jewelry and sold pieces to a jewelry store.  The jewelry store had melted down some of it.  The woman said some of the jewelry were heirlooms.  The jewelry store returned the pieces to her. 

Sheriff Wagner says Hamersma was arrested for theft, a class 4 felony.  Tessa Hamersma was cited and released for accessory to a felony.

Wagner says Hamersma told investigators he waited a while before selling the jewelry.  The Sheriff says it is illegal to keep property that is lost, misplaced or delivered by mistake.  Items must be taken to authorities.  If it's not claimed in a certain amount of time, you get it back.  The Sheriff says Hamersma was arrested for felony theft because he did not report the items he found and sold them.

What would you do if you found valuable items?  Would you keep it or report it to authorities? Do you think this is a fair law?  Leave your comment below.