LSO vehicle hit on duty; Deputy saves man

By: Channel 8 Eyewitness Newsroom


When Deputy Jason Schnieder pulled up to 38-year-old Dustin Miller’s pick-up around 2 a.m. Sunday, he was responding to reports of a car in the middle of the road near 141st and Raymond Rd. Deputies say Miller was passed out, under the influence of a controlled substance. Schnieder woke him, but while he was taking the man into custody, he noticed an oncoming car.

"I could see the headlights coming, and I could hear the vehicle on the gravel coming towards me," he said.

Schnieder, who was in the middle of the road with Miller, tried to signal the car to stop. When it didn’t, he only had seconds to act. He pushed Miller out of the way. He said the oncoming car, driven by 26-year-old Douglas Viek, barely missed them both and crashed into his cruiser. Luckily, when he ran to help the driver, he found Viek with only minor injuries. Everything happened in the blink of an eye, but Schnieder says if he’d hesitated, the story wouldn’t have had a happy ending.

"I definitely wouldn’t be standing here," he said. "I would probably be in ICU or my wife would be a widow. And that guy would probably be the same.

Viek is an athletic director for Yutan public schools, according to the school’s website. He was charged with a DWI, and Miller was arrested for possession of a controlled substance. Miller thanked Schnieder for saving his life. The deputy says he just relied on his training.


Nebraska State Patrol is investigating an accident that involved the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office.

It happened on Sunday near North 141st and Raymond Road.

Deputies say they responded to a suspicious vehicle in the middle of the road.

They say Dustin Miller, 38, was unconscious in that vehicle.

During their investigation, a second vehicle crashed into the deputy’s cruiser causing significant damage.

The deputy was able to save Miller from the impact. No injuries reported.

Nebraska State Patrol was called in to investigate.  

Miller was arrested for a controlled substance.  

The driver of the second car Douglas Veik, 36, was cited with a D-W-I.