LSW parents receive email banning backpacks

Parents of Lincoln Southwest High School students receive email banning backpacks and purses for the rest of the school year.

Lincoln Southwest Principal Rob Slauson says the ban is to prevent incidents like last year's where students threw water balloons in a hallway.  The incident injured a teacher.

Some parents expressed concern that students still need to carry their textbooks to and from school to do homework.

This is the email sent to parents:

Good evening!
This is Lincoln Southwest calling to tell you about some end-of-the-year security measures. Starting tomorrow, we will no longer permit students to bring backpacks, knapsacks, duffel bags, large purses, etc. into the school. We are doing this to help maintain safety, minimize distractions and to protect the learning environment. This new procedure will be in effect for the remainder of the school year. Please remind your child that any actions that compromise the safety of our school will result in suspension, a possible expulsion recommendation, loss of privilege to participate in the graduation ceremony, and may even result in litigation for damages.
We have had a fantastic year. Thank you for helping us end the year in a positive manner.

Take care,
Rob Slauson, Principal

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