Lulu’s Lunchery offers free meals to those in need

Posted By: Bayley Bischof Channel 8 Eyewitness News 

Lulu’s Lunchery just moved to their new home in downtown Lincoln.

But they’re already meeting a need in the community– feeding the hungry.

Co–owner of Lulu’s Lunchery, Karen Lamb said owning a restaurant is about more than simply filling the stomach.

"My motto is we need to feed the body and the soul and this our way to do that,” Lamb said. “To give back because the community’s been great to us."

The restaurant– located in the community foundation garden at 14th and N– feeds the soul, by feeding those in need.

They have a community meal program that gives their customers a chance to pay it forward.

"People can donate money, if they leave tips all of the tips go into the community meal fund and each five dollars we get gets one community meal ticket put on the sign and anyone can take one down,” Lamb said. “Whether they’re just short on cash that day or truly in need."

The best part, the owners say, is that it lets those in need eat with dignity.

"People could choose what they wanted, instead of how some restaurants give out at the end of the day what’s left, we wanted people to be able to choose a meal, just like everyone else,” She said.

Lamb said they’ve wanted to give back like this since the restaurant opened three years ago.

But at their old location on 48th and Cornhusker, it never took off.

Their May 4 move downtown gave them the perfect opportunity.

"When we moved downtown we knew that there would be a homeless population as well as some lower income individuals that live in this area and so we decided to give it a go,” Lamb said.

She said so far, it’s successful because people in the downtown community want to take care of each other, and that Lulu’s will keep this campaign going as long as people are giving.

Lulu’s is open Monday–Friday from 7:30 a.m.–3:00 p.m.

Stop in for one of their most popular dishes, like a chicken bacon ranch wrap, egg salad or meatloaf and cheddar sandwich, and while you’re filling your stomach don’t forget to feed your soul, and pay it forward.