Lynn Castrianno Remember Sept. 11th

By: Megan Palera

As the ten year anniversary of September 11th nears, we continue to remember those affected by the tragedy here in the heartland. An Omaha woman who lost her brother reflects on that day and she shares her message of hope.

Simply put, Lynn Castrianno is an amazing woman. She's suffered a lot, but other these past ten years, she's remained positive and focused on moving Nebraska and America forward.

30-year-old Leonard Castrianno was a highly ambitious New Yorker. A mortgage trader for Cantor Fitzgerald. He was working on the 105th floor of the north tower on September, 11, 2001. It was the first tower hit, and the second tower to fall.

“Did you hear? A plan hit the World Trade Center?” Those were the first words Lynn Castrianno remembers from that tragic day. Her brother, her best friend, was on of 615 Cantor Fitzgerald employees killed in the terrorist attacks.

Ten years later, the images of that day are still seared into her memory. Castrianno says, “Where I was, what I did for those first few hours are there. I don't think I'll ever forget.” As time goes by, it doesn't get easier, just different. Through it all, Castrianno remains focused on the good will that was born from such a tragedy.

Castrianno says, “I will never forget my brother. I will never forget the horror of that day but I will, I will in his memory, try to create something that is forward looking and has a sense of community and sense of unity.”

On Sunday, Castrianno will attend several 9/11 memorial events in Lincoln and Omaha and also spend time with her husband and kids, talking about Leonard, about family and above all, about good things.