MAD DADS adding food pantry and rec room

MAD DADS has been giving back to Lincoln for more than a decade and shows no signs of slowing down.

Reverend Don Coleman is the man behind MAD DADS and for nearly 20 years, his group has worked to keep Lincoln's youth on the right track. Now after struggles of their own, Cole says they want to do more.  “Times are hard right now.  A lot of parents are without jobs or between jobs and we have the facilities here to help, so we are going to do that.”

The group decided to turn the extra space in their new building into a free food pantry.   Coleman says they'll use donations and any extra money they have to fill the shelves.  “Hopefully we can get some stores around here to give us a discount when they find out we're giving it away for free.  God knows what we need; He'll supply.”

MAD DADS is also adding a new recreation room where kids can watch movies, play games and do it all safely.

Their signature will remain bikes.  Hundreds of unwanted bikes are waiting to be brought back to life, but Coleman says they've found the answer.  The group wants kids to start helping them fix them up and ship them out.  “When they are finished, we are going to give it to them.  They are going to be fixing up their own bikes.”