Made in America flags

 Posted By: Reid Kilmer

When was the last time you checked where your American flag was made? Chances are it was made in a foreign country.

Tucked away in Fairbury, Neb. There’s a company trying to bring back the pride of the saying “Made in America.”

The Business Development Manager, Peggy Galloway told us, “The pride that you show when you fly a flag, I think people are really starting to take notice again and saying I need to do that I want to do that and we’re going to help.”

Stitch by stitch the iconic stars and stripes are born daily in the factory.  All of them made from one hundred percent american materials.

Local workers hand sewn flags everyday. They keep busy with orders from all across the state.

According to the Flag Manufacturer Association of America, in 2013 ninety seven percent of U.S. flags were made in China. That’s about 7.5  million flags.

And although an imported flag might be cheaper, buying locally could stretch far beyond the dollar amount.

Gail Gillian, the Production Manager said, people should buy American made flags instead of foreign made because of several reasons.

“They will get a much better product here they will know where it came from, local people made it and they’re putting back into our economy keeping people working keeping everything going here in Nebraska and in America in the United States.”

If American made wasn’t good enough MSA Brand Products has a lifetime replacement on their 3 x 5 flags from fraying, rips and fading.

They also sell a 4 x 6 and 5 x 8 size.

You can find more information at their website at