Magic Jack Could Eliminate Your Land Line Phone Bill

With the uncertain economy, many people are trying to cut corners.

A new technology could save you money on your phone bill.

It's called the Magic Jack and it just hit stores in time for the holidays.

It's a way to connect a phone to your computer and stop paying for your land line all together.

It does sound good, almost like magic?

It's not magic, it's the Magic Jack.

A device that plugs into your computer's usb port .

Turning your computer into your land line so you can lose those phone bills.

The magic jack costs 40 dollars and that includes the first year.. After that.. Its just 20 dollars a year for the service.

“Phone bills are usually $30 a month. Can't do the math in my head, but that's a lot.”

A lot is right, more than $350 a year.

You can keep your land line number and use a regular phone with it.

Nick Manzitto checked it out, “It's a pretty good deal, I'll have to talk it over with my wife.”

Though the magic jack's not on his list, it has been popular with a certain crowd.

Radio Shack says most of the people who've bought the Magic Jack so far have been elderly people who want to cut costs by getting rid of their land lines.

You have to have a computer and a high speed Internet connection.

“Not dial up, but high speed internet, DSL cable, both will work.”

There are other ways to use the computer to make phone calls, like the Program Skype.

The difference with Magic Jack is you can hook your actual phone up to it, rather than talking into your computer screen which improves the sound quality.

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