Magic Moment Five: Yashirin Christmas

A Lincoln family was surprised Tuesday, with a little holiday cheer.

The Yashirin’s are a family that has been through a lot this year.

Allie and Dennis Yashirin are kind and caring people, devoted to giving to their community.

In February, they lost their 7-year-old son, Taytum. 

He had a rare brain abnormality.

Tuesday, his two brothers, mom and dad were showered with gifts– like clothes, toys, tires and gift cards.

" It’s sweet people think of us and think we’re a good family to give back. It’s nice– the kids love it. I mean, it’s pretty sweet," said Allie.

Dennis says, "I wasn’t expecting. This is really great for us and the kids. I really appreciate you guys. Thanks!"

The married couple will also get a more traditional wedding than their first.

That includes a wedding gown, a photographer and a weekend honeymoon.

Also, they’re expecting another child in February.

We’ll have another Magic Moment Wednesday.