Mailboxes Along A County Road Have Become the Target for Vandals

Lancaster County Sheriff's deputies have responded to ten such complaints this past week and people in the area say it happens every year. The people living on West Panama road feel like they might as well paint a bullseye on their mailboxes.

Year in and year out, vandals drive down the road and take aim. Kristi Moser hasn't lived in her house long, but already she's learning the ropes from her neighbors. Mailboxes along West Panama road are a target. The Moser's are just one in a series of mailbox vandalisms this past week, half of them along West Panama road not even churches are safe. The spike has caught the eye of Lancaster County Sheriff Terry Wagner. He says kids on spring break are likely to blame. Sheriff Wagner told Channel 8 Eyewitness News the vandals are most likely using a baseball bat to cause the damage as they drive past the mailboxes. And their moment of fun is causing headaches up and down the road.