Make a Wish Grants Nebraska Football Dream

Posted By: Kelsey Murphy

A wish comes true

“The smile on his face says it all,” Michelle Johnson, Jack’s mom, said.

Eight year old jack Johnson fulfilled his dream to be a Husker Saturday afternoon.

"As soon as he could hold the ball, he has been throwing the ball," Johnson, said.

Johnson has spent a good portion of his life battling a genetic disorder. With the help of Make–A–Wish, he put it all aside and suited up for the game he’s been waiting for his whole life.

“Go Big Red, Go Big Red,” crowd cheers.

Sporting the number one on his jersey, the same number as his favorite player Jordan Westerkamp, Johnson is the newest and youngest recruit for the huskers.

His new coaches say he’s the young talent the team needed.

“Its been an horror to be a part of this and meet Jack’s whole family,” Mike Riley, Head Coach, said.

Johnson signed his official letter of intent in his home town of Norfolk Tuesday.

"How excited are you?"

"Very," Jack, new Husker, said.

That excitement escalated.

A few days later Husker nation welcomed him to Memorial Stadium.

It’s where he had his first official press conference as a Husker.

"Reporter: ‘how many national championships do plan to bring to Nebraska?

Jack: 4’"

He commented on his most important goal for Saturday.

"Reporter: what are you looking forward to the most when walking out with you teammates during the tunnel walk?

Jack: just to have fun."

And fun is what it’s all about.

There is no denying it, Jack’s time as a husker is described as nothing short of a blast.

"As he has learned to love the game even more husker football has been everything to him," Eric Johnson, Jack’s dad, said.

Jacks good spirits carried the team to a win over the Maryland Terrapins.