Makeover You 2: Laurie Scholl’s Diary

Feb. 5th.  I had an appointment at Clocktower Dental for impressions and x-ray's to determine what he could do for me.  I got to meet his staff and we scheduled for me to get a cleaning and the zoom whitening. 
Feb. 5th.  I went to Sutton Ryan Dermotology to see Teresa for a medical microderm and acid peel.  This felt very good to my skin, it reminded me of a cat licking my face.  (Which is the way my cat wakes me up each morning.)  The acid peel stings for a few minutes, but it is very tolerable.  This procedure will make my skin smoother.  I also saw Dr. Sutton and she injected botox in my forehead and my temples.  I have been asked by many if this procedure hurts.  It really didn't.  It felt like a small sting or prick.  The only side effect I had from this was a couple small bruises that were easily covered with makeup.  Before the procedure they had me lay with ice on my forehead.   I think it is really cool that my forehead won't wrinkle now.  I also don't have the crows feet by my eyes.  It makes my head feel tighter.  I really like how it makes me feel.
Feb. 6th  I had zoom whitening done at Dr. Haag's office at Clocktower Dental and also a cleaning with his hygenist.  She was wonderful.  I felt very comfortable with her cleaning my teeth and she was very gentle on me.  The zoom whitening is awesome.  My teeth were white after 3 – 20 minute treatments under the light.  When I got back to the office that day everyone was commenting on how white my teeth were.  It was great to have such white teeth.  I couldn't help but smile more.
Feb. 10th  I met with Dr. Haag regarding my options on straightening my teeth.  He showed me my models and we discussed 4 crowns across my top front teeth.  We talked about my options of either doing orthodontics or doing the crowns.  I decided that the crowns were the way for me to go.  He told me to go get in the chair right then.  I was a little surprised since I thought he had another meeting he had to be at.  Within an hour and a half I had the 4 temps on my front teeth.  When I got home that evening my husband Scott could not stop looking at me.  He couldn't believe the difference in my smile.  My teeth were actually straight and with the whitening they look awesome. 
Feb. 12th  I saw myself on TV and after I saw what my teeth looked like, I was completely surprised how much Dr. Haag had done for me.
Feb. 13th.  I saw Dr. Ryan and she did IPL on my underarms and my bikini line.  This hurt a little bit, but was another thing that I could tolerate.  I will continue to have these treatments over the next 4- 5 months.  Dr Sutton did the same procedure on my cheeks.  I have little blood vessels that had broken on my cheeks from when I was pregnant.  This was one procedure that I really wanted to have done.  This is another thing that will take time over the next 4- 5 months.  I can already tell a difference in my left cheek.  I also went to the Dental Lab Reflections today and saw Rich about making my crowns for my teeth.  I have been told by many that they are the best lab in town.  I stopped by on my way back to the office to give Dr. Haag and Dedria a hug.  I really appreciate all the work that they have put into my smile.  I'm starting to feel like one of the most beautiful people in the world.
Feb. 16th  I had an evaluation for my CustomCornea Lasik Eye Surgery at Sutton Linder Sutton.  I meet with Dr. Vince Sutton and he went over the procedure.  We went through a run of what I could expect on Thursday.  This made me very comfortable.  They did some additional tests to be sure that I qualified for the procedure.  He told me it was a go for Thursday.  
Feb. 17th  I was at Sutton Linder Sutton today for my CustomCornea Lasik Eye surgery.  It went great.  Everyone there are such wonderful people. They really made me feel very much at ease.  I couldn't ask for a better team to be working on me.  I was done by noon and could actually see a little bit right away.  I went home and had a 4 hour nap and then I got up to eat something.  I could see pretty good at this time.  They have me putting drops in my eyes every 4 hours.  I also have anitbotics and an antiimflamitory.  I also have wetting drops to put in at anytime I feel discomfort.  I really have had no problem with it.
Feb. 18th.  Check up from my surgery.  I can see 20/15 which is better than normal.  I have been continuing with my eye drops and wearing dark sunglasses but other than that, I feel very normal and it is so awesome to be able to see what time it is from across the room.  I also had the 2nd medical microderm done again today.  This time Teresa was a little more aggressive.  Even though I feel a little wind burned, it still felt good today.