Makeover You 2 Reveal!

After many long weeks of anticipation, our Makeover You contestant walked down the red carpet complete with a new look. Sunday night, we finally revealed her amazing transformation. Her family and friends were the first to see her new look.

Lauri walked out into the room filled with her loved ones. Her husband and three kids lost their breath, seeing her for the very first time. “I just feel like a whole new person. It's just been such a great experience. I don't know how to explain it,” Laurie said.

The reveal was a long time in the making…but after all, Laurie had to go through too much to give it away easy. It started at noon Sunday at the luxurious Dove Shannon Salon. Seeing her new look for the first time, there wasn't a dry eye in the house.  Her husband's reaction? “She looks marvelous. Just amazing.”  Her children were more at a loss for words. Then, a moment that had caused a lot of nervousness…getting up on stage with Rod Fowler and Natalie Faunce at the Rococo Oscar Party…a moment she handled with grace. Laurie says her life will be forever changed after her transformation. Her family and friends say they don't know another wife, mother or friend who deserves it more. “She is always doing things for others. It's time she did something like this,” Friends said.  And how does Laurie feel after all this? “I just feel like another person.”

Laurie still has a few more appointments to tie up a few lose ends. She knows she won't be able to keep such a glamorous look everyday. But, Dove, from Dove Shannon, showed her how to wear a more natural look.