Makeover You 3: Jaime’s Big Reveal

Jaime was picked in December to undergo a makeover from Channel 8 KLKN-TV and participating sponsors.  On Friday, February 4th, she desended the staircase at the Cornhusker hotel to show her new self to family and friends.  The pictures on the left side of this page show Jaime before and after and with the people who were really responsible for her amazing transformation.  Below you can read all about the last day of her makeover process

Friday Feb 4th: I arrived at Beauty First at 9:00 and was treated to a pedicure. It was so relaxing! I loved the hot stone massage that Kay includes in her pedicures. I've never had a pedicure before and I have to say I loved it! Then I had a body wrap and facial, again relaxing. We ended the appointment with a manicure. I have beautiful nails!

My appointment at XY Studio was set for 3:30, but mommy duty interfered and I was a bit late (ahhh!) But Alan and his crew whipped it in gear and took care of me! They did a fabulous job on my hair cut and makeup. I have to say that I was shocked with the results and had to keep looking in the mirror because it didn't look like me!

I then rushed off to the Cornhusker with Lisa from the station(Channel 8 KLKN-TV). We grabbed a quick drink and bite to eat and then I got all snazzy! We did an interview right before the reveal and then ta-da! Here I am!

My family and friends were amazed with the results! Cory (my husband) was fascinated, my friends were squealing with delight, Katie (my daughter) ran up to me and said Mommy I love this! Hunter (my son) didn't recognize me at first – the look on his face was precious! My parents were proud – my mom even had tears in her eyes.

All the hard work and dedication from the sponsors really came together and ended with fabulous results. I cannot thank the sponsors enough for all the hardwork and support that they put into the makeover. I was so suprised that everyone went to such great lengths. When I won the makeover I had no idea how much was actually going into the process.

Dr. Genrich has given me an amazing smile! My teeth are so shiny and bright, straight and gleeming! I'm amazed at the processes that Dr. Genrich has completed. In the interviews, he asked me if I was happy with my smile and I said yes, but would love for him to make it better – not knowing that the results would be so wonderful! Now I absolutely LOVE my smile and can't stop smiling either! I also want to comment on the fact that Dr. Genrich and the staff are so kind and caring. I've never experienced such great care from a dentist before.

DeAnn from the Racquet Club has helped me enjoy working out. It's hard to get started and get motivated. I have to say that having lost 10 pounds is great motivation to keep working out. I enjoyed the time DeAnn and I spent working out and chatting. She made me feel so comfortable and confident in the gym. I can't believe the variety of ways she showed me to work out. Finding a personal trainer to show you the ropes is well worth the cost, now that I know what they do. She provided me with techniques, as well as kept me mtivated. I also have to thank the staff in the nursery – Katie and Hunter have not been in a daycare situation for a long time (Hunter never) and they loved coming in! Thanks for caring for my children! We enjoyed going to the Racquet Club so much – it's a wonderful facility with a variety of options to choose from!

Kay and Kristina from Beauty First have “beautified” me! Kay provided weekly manicures and an amazing pedicure! She provided me with products to help my nails grow out – despite being a busy mom and having a few nails get chipped. The nails that were short are now long! Kritina did 13 body wraps and weekly facials. Kristina called me to set up the appointments in the beginning and told me that the body wraps typically would result in a two dress size loss – I was shocked! Again when I won I didn't realize the extent of what I'd won. I didn't try new things on until the last week and wow! I went from a 12/14 to an 8/10 depending on style/brand! Kristina took measurements and I lost 15 inches! I'm shocked! Kristina also gave me facial products and set me up with a daily routine for caring for my face – amazing results and I do always take the time to do this for myself now. I've spent a lot of time at Beauty First and I love it here! The girls are so friendly and caring – we've developed great relationships.

Alan and the enitire team at XY Studio have done a fabulous job on my hair and my make up for the event was astounding. I now value salon coloring! I had no idea we'd get these results! The colors in my hair are fantastic! I loved having my eyebrows waxed! I'm a new fan of the flat iron! Alan is truly an artist! I'm very impressed with the salon's sense of style and their teamwork that produces fabulous results!

Dillard's provided me with a beautiful outfit – complete with shoes and jewelry – and a fun shopping experience. And of course I want to thank the Cornhusker Hotel. They hosted the revealing and are providing us with a night's stay! This coming Friday Cory and I get a night away to stay at one of the newly remodeled rooms! I can't wait for Friday! I also have to say thank you to Channel 8 for putting together this experience – you've made this stay at home mommy beautiful!

Again I'm sad that the process is over, but so thankful to have been given this opportunity. It's been a wonderful experience and I've met some wonderful people as well. Thank you all!

Below you can read about Jaime's on line diary from the beginning.