Makeover You 3

Jaime Frey was selected by our panel to undergo a makeover during Makeover 3 from Channel 8 KLKN-TV and participating sponsors.

Monday, December 20th Jaime's day started at Lincoln Racquet Club, where she began her fitness journey with a Tri-Fit evaluation. The evaluation determines, blood pressure, body fat percentage, uppper body strength, cardio fitness and flexibility. Jamie also had to log in her weight and height. DeAnn Karg with the Racquet Club will be Jaime's fitness trainer for the next 7 weeks and will develop a fitness plan and schedule. Lincoln Racquet Club will provided daycart for Jaime's two children, while mom works on her fitness plan.

Jaime's next stop was a visit to Dr. Charles Genrich's office for a dental exam, cleaning, xray's, and paradontal evaluation. After the evaluation, Dr. Genrich suggested crowns, vaniers, and zoom whiteing proceedures.

In Jamie's Own Words “I am still shocked that I won and that all these wonderful professionals are going to be working on me! The Racquet Club is an awesome facility – The tests were very informative – nobody likes to find out how fat you are, but I can't wait to compare the end results with today's test and also learn ways to improve my strength, endurance, and flexibility. The test read-outs that DeAnn did for me are so informational. My teeth feel really clean after visiting the dentist today and I am so excited about the plan that Dr. Genrich has made. I have to smile all the time because it's unbelievable that I won!”

Week of December 27, 2004 I've gone in for 2 body wraps which are “interesting”. Kristina wraps me up like a mummy – the wraps are like ace bandages soaked in an aloe solution. They go on at 180 degrees, after getting all wrapped up, I lay down and try not to sweat for an hour. I have to drink a gallon of water a day to help with the process – and that's been hard to do. I loved having my first manicure done. Kay is putting some special stuff on to help my fingernails grow out. I also went to my first hair appointment at XY Salon – it was great. They colored my hair with high lights and low lights. It's close to the same color that it was, but I love it so much more! The contrasts are neat! And it looks so much better already! I've been to the Racquet Club a few times now. And boy, did my muscles feel it! DeAnn has had me do some weights and the tread machine. The first day I really didn't think my legs would let me walk down the stairs, but I survived! Our family is also enjoying the facility – the kids like to go to Jr. Gym and love swimming!

Week of January 3, 2005 I went in for my 3rd dentist appointment. This time Dr. Genrich did a CEREC – which is a computer generated ceramic restoration. This process is amazing and so fast. I had a cracked tooth and a previous filling – this ceramic restoration has fixed those up and is so smooth and tooth like. Always good too – I wasn't in any pain or discomfort! Eventually I'd like to have all my old gray looking fillings replaced by the CEREC – technology is so amazing! I've gone to work out 3 times this week with DeAnn at the Racquet Club – and even went in once on my own – before the snow hit us! Amazingly, I am really enjoying working out! No pain, no gain though; as DeAnn is really giving me a total body workout. She said she is thinking of my abdominal health when she makes me do the dreaded “hover” exercise and crunches. I really am thankful for having a personal trainer to advise me in what to do to work those abs and all those other muscles I didn't know I have! I've gone into Beauty First twice this week for two body wraps and a manicure. I do think the body wraps are helping – we'll have to do body measurements sometime soon to check the progress! They are so comforting to wrap up all warm and snug; especially with the weather we've been having! Other than the fact that I broke a nail this week, my nails are doing great. I've been using the skin care products and am noticing a change already. I'm also taking an herbal supplement from Beauty First to help curve hunger and to avoid over eating.

Week of January 10, 2005 What a busy week! On Monday I went in for my scheduled 4 HOUR dentist appointment (actually Dr. Genrich finished the appointment in closer to 3 hours) Dr. Genrich did all the prep work for my 7 porcelain crowns. The prep work is LOTS of drilling, but it didn't really bother me too much. (I think this would be a great procedure to do for Halloween and put off having the temporary crowns – a great disguise in the making) The worst part was I couldn't feel my nose for the rest of the day! I am currently wearing temporary crowns – I feel a little bit of difference but essentially they're just like my own teeth. And I survived being at the dentist for so long! Tuesday I went in to Eyecare Specialities for an eye exam and got contacts. It's a bit of a challenge getting them in, especially with my one year old at my feet; but it gets easier every day. I continue to go to Beauty First twice a week for manicures, body wraps and facials. I am also contnuing to use the facial products and Set-N-Me-Free products they provided. My face continues to clear up more and more. I love going in for the body wraps, as a time to wrap up warm and relax. This week I was dealing with sick kiddos at home, so I only worked out twice with Deann at the Racquet Club. This week we included walking lunges in my workout – which are a great workout but my glutes were sore! Deann is always giving me something new to work those abs! Variety is the spice of life! I still feel so lucky to have been given this opportunity – it's hard to believe it's half over!

Jan. 17 – Jan. 21st These past two weeks were what has become routine. I went into Beauty First for body wraps twice a week and enjoyed the warmth and time to relax. Christina tried out a new super exfoliator during the facial and it really made my skin feel better and it glowed. I also got manicures. It's been fun trying out all the different OPI colors, but there's just too many to try. I continued to work out with Deann at the Racquet Club three times a week (healthy kids permitting) I tried their Body Pump class and it was amazing! I can see why the say you only have to go to class twice a week to stay in shape though! Surprisingly only my triceps ached a bit the next day – I felt my other muscle groups working throughout the entire class. I must be getting in better shape because there is no way I could have survived the class a month ago. I debated about geting colored contacts, but decided that I liked the clear brand better. (I admit, I lost one of color brand and think it's still stuck inside my eyeball somewhere!) Thanks to Dr. Reins at Eyecare Specialties for giving me a discount even though they're not an official sponsor! On Friday Jan. 21st I spent the morning shopping at Dillards. It was so fun to have the store to myself and try on different things. The outfit I chose is amazing. It's something I definately wouldn't have picked out by myself but it looks fantastic! (It is also a smaller size which is a great feeling!) Thanks to Keith, the store manager, for assisting us – I'm not sure if he really enjoyed watching 3 women shop but he was very helpful! I also went to XY studio to get my hair colored again – I now have 2 more shades added to my hair – it's again awesome! I love the contrasts. They also flat ironed my hair – I've always wondered how people can get their hair so straight – I liked this little styling change.I also had my eyebrows waxed – I always thought of this as an unusaul process, as I've never done anything other than pluck maybe 3 hairs ever! But I love the results! It's amazing that the time is almost over! I'm excited for the BIG reveal – but sad that the process is almost over! Hey sponsors ar you sure you don't want this to be a year long!?!

Jan 31st – Feb 3rd This week has been fairly “easy”. The best thing about this week is the dentist appointment I had on Tuesday! Dr. Genrich put in the porcelain crowns and they look absolutely terrific! I now have a movie star smile! I worked out at the Racquet Club on Mon. and Wed. – continuing to work those abs! We also did a killer shoulder press. The kids are really enjoying their time at the gym and beg to go swim. Katie wakes up and asks if we're going to the gym today. I also went in to Beauty First for a body wrap on Monday night and Christina gave me some everyday makeup tips. I had to practice walking in my shoes as I haven't worn dress shoes for 2 years! I am very excited for the big day! I'm thankful for the friends and family that will be able to make it to the reveal! The rest of my family can't wait to see it on TV. And I have to say thanks again to all the sponsors! My schedule on Friday is: Beauty First 9:00 – 12:30 for manicure/pedicure, body wrap and facial. I'm going to try to go to the gym then. I go to XY STudio to get my hair and makeup done at 3:30 and then off to the big reveal.

Channel 8 KLKN-TV viewers will get to see Jaime's tranformation on Wednesday, February 9th.