Malcolm Parents React To Bomb Scare

As you can imagine, it was a terrifying morning for the parents of the children who were inside the school on Tuesday. They rushed to the school after hearing the news. Once the threat was called in, the school was put into complete lock down almost immediately. Until about noon, no one was allowed in or out. Understandably, many parents were extremely concerned and wanted to get their kids out.

For Paula Dowd, it was an excruciating morning. All three of her children were inside the school and she arrived at the school just after 10 to find out if they were safe. Paula told Channel 8 Eyewitness news, “I just want them out. That's all I know. When I saw all the cars coming. I've got relatives close to Columbine. I want my kids out.” Memories of Columbine seemed to be close to the surface for many parents. For Paula's husband Dale, it was the first image that came to mind. “Columbine. That's my biggest. There are so many whacked out kids these days and I've got three beautiful children in the Malcolm School District and my biggest thing is trying to get them out.”

As news of the threat spread across the small town, more and more parents arrived at the school. From 10 until noon students were in lock down. After that however, the sheriff's department started letting some of the kids leave if their parents were there to take them home.