Mall Construction Delayed

A few months ago, we first told you about a new mall that's in the works for south Lincoln.

Construction for the Wilderness Hills shopping center was supposed to begin sometime this summer…

However problems with finding an anchor store have led to a slow down in construction.  

The Wilderness Hills mall located on the southeast corner of Yankee Hill Road and South 27th street has sparked a lot of interest with neighbors.

And while the sign says to be completed in the fall of 2007…property developers say they are anticipating a fall 2008 opening.

This grand opening of Lincoln's first ever Super Target could have been the grand opening of Wilderness Hills shopping center.

The mall was in talks to have Super Target as their anchor store…however the way the ground was laid didn't meet Super Target's needs…

So Super Target moved the location down the street to the corner of 40th and Yankee Hill.

We had certainly talked to the Target organization they wanted to be in south Lincoln this is one location they considered.

 However they say they are working now with a new anchor store…but they aren't releasing any information…they are only saying that this store is not new to Nebraska.

And while curiousity is consuming the minds of many neighbors…others wonder if a new mall is even necessary. 
Property developer Don Linscott says this isn't any mall, he calls it an outdoor lifesytle mall…and says more restaurants will also be surrounding the property…many of which will be new to Nebraska.

And he wants all residents to know construction will begin shortly and that this mall will soon be a reality.

We're still planning on it moving forward we hope to have some buildings under construction yet this year that would be opening up in the middle part of 2008.

A lot of anchor stores have specific opening dates… Meaning their corporate office will only allow grand openings during certain months.

So the opening of this mall will mostly depend on the anchor store however Linscott says customers will be able to start shopping in the fall of 2008.