Man arrested after attempted burglary overnight

Posted by: Andrew Ward,

A lincoln man walks into his home to find a stranger wearing his clothes

The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call around 11:30 p.m. Wednesday from a man saying another man broke into his home near 140th and Adams and was still inside.

The Lincoln Police Department and Nebraska State Patrol were also on the scene.

Authorities arrested suspect William Taylor for burglary.

“Once the residence was surrounded by law enforcement that person did come out to law enforcement at that time,” said Sgt. John Vik of the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities used a megaphone to communicate with Taylor while he was inside.

The sheriff’s office says Taylor is currently being held in the Lancaster County Jail.

At this point the sheriff’s office reports, Taylor attempted to steal a knife, sunglasses and other personal items on top of the victim’s clothes he was wearing.

Officials are continuing to investigate.