Man Arrested After Climbing Into Ceiling

Lincoln police say an arrest on monday night turned into a wild goose chase in the ceiling of an apartment complex.

Just after six o'clock on Monday night police were called to an east Lincoln apartment complex, after a woman said her boyfriend was violating his protection order.

But what police didn't know was just how hard it would be to arrest him.

It was a typical Monday night for Regency Apartment residents.

Many were just wrapping up dinner when they looked outside.

Police say 33-year-old Wesley Haslett was at the apartments to see his girlfriend, who had a protection order against him.

When police tried to arrest him, he climbed up in the ceiling through a hole to escape.

Other tenants in the apartment complex called in because there ceiling was coming down, Wesley had moved through the apartment complex and actually caused damage to 3 additional apartment ceilings.

After Haslett wouldn't come down, they sent Beersie Remo, one of their police dogs in the ceiling, and eventually had to hoist up an officer as well.

It all lasted for about an hour and a half, until police officers said they'd unleash Remo if he didn't get down.

Officer Clark did fall through the ceiling, Lincoln Police say he had some minor injuries.

It's estimated Haslett did at least $500 in damage.

He was arrested for vandalism and violation of a protection order.