UPDATE: Man arrested after firing shots in downtown Lincoln, LPD used “great restraint”

Posted By: Bayley Bischof Channel 8 Eyewitness News 

It was after the Nebraska–Wisconsin game, and the area near 13th and O streets was crowded with fans.

Police were monitoring when they heard a gunshot, then another.

"Once they reached about 13th and Q street they heard multiple gun shots in rapid succession,” said Chief of Police Jeff Bliemeister.

Police found 25–year–old Carlos Brito in the parking lot of the Wendy’s on 14th and Q Street.

They asked him to raise his hands, police say he instead put his hands toward his waistband and started to run.

"Ultimately as the other officers were responding into the area, Carlos Brito ran directly into officers and he fell to the ground, a struggle ensued, Brito continued to resist arrest but eventually was handcuffed,” Bliemeister said.

After his arrest, Bliemeister said police found a handgun and nine shell casings on the ground nearby.

Brito was taken into custody for allegedly discharging a weapon in city limits and not complying with requests from law enforcement.

Bliemeister said the bigger issue here is what could have happened, and how officers responded.

"Immediately following bar break, there is a lot of foot traffic in the downtown Lincoln area and vehicular traffic also,” Bliemeister said. “And certainly on the heels of the tragedy that occurred in the Western part of the United States, it could have been worse."

He said they used extreme restraint.

"Officers that were responding considering what they knew and the fact that they’re moving towards a rapid succession of gun fire with lots of people in the area showed tremendous restraint in the apprehension of Carlos Brito,” Bliemeister said. “Especially when they gave him commands and he not only ignored those commands but put his hands into an area where a firearm easily could have been."

Police said so far nobody has come forward with any injuries or damaged property.


A man is behind bars, after shooting a gun in the air near 14th and Q Streets, Sunday morning around 2:30.

Lincoln Police say, 25-year-old Carlos Brito is charged with discharging a firearm within city limits and failure to obey lawful orders.

LPD says while investigating they heard several gunshots in the area, they then discovered Brito in with a handgun in a Wendy’s parking lot.

Brito tried to discard the firearm and run, but was apprehended quickly.

No one was injured and police are still investigating.