UPDATE: Owner of dog beaten to death speaks out

Posted by: Channel 8 Eyewitness News


"When he left I noticed that the house was just too quiet," said Carol Negrete-Olmeeo, describing the moments before she realized her boyfriend, 48-year-old Fransisco Rodriguez, had killed her dog.

Rodriguez beat the 11-year-old Dachshund, Maggie, to death on May 21st.
"She was laying on her back and she was dead," Negrete-Olmeeo said. She said she ran out that afternoon to grab groceries and was gone from the house for less than an hour. Looking back, she recognized Rodriguez was irritable, but she says he’d been drinking a lot and that wasn’t unusual. When she came home, Maggie was dead.
"I picked her up and held her," she said. "She had a blanket there and I spread out the blanket and I wrapped her and was holding her, wishing that it wasn’t true that she was dead."

She called the Humane Society, and police ordered an animal autopsy. It took time to get the results, but July 7th police arrested Rodriguez at a drug hearing.

"The dog died from internal bleeding as a result of external trauma," said LPD Capt. Joy Citta.

Negrete-Olmeeo said Maggie was originally a rescue dog, saved from an abusive owner. She says that haunts her now. She and Rodriguez had moved to Lincoln from Iowa two years ago, hoping to get a fresh start, but he got back into drinking and drugs, which made him violent.

"Since this change in his behavior I was scared of him," she said.

She says Rodriguez never hurt her, but he hurt other things and wouldn’t remember the next day. She was afraid she’d be next.

"I’m just so glad that something’s going to be done about my dog’s death, cause she was my best friend," she said.

Rodriguez has a court date in August. For now, he’s behind bars for animal cruelty.


Lincoln Police arrested 48-year-old Francisco Rodriguez for killing his girlfriend’s dog. They say 63-year-old Carol Negrete left her home near 11th and G on May 21st. She was gone less than an hour, but returned to find her dog beaten to death. Police say he died from internal bleeding caused by external trauma. They found and arrested Rodriguez for Cruelly Mistreating an Animal.