Man Arrested for Burning U-Haul

Bernice Olivas and her husband Logan Carraway were beside themselves. 

“I was just kind of shocked because everything we owned was in that truck,” Olivas said.

On August 22nd the couple woke up to find their U–haul missing from their motel where they were staying. Hours later it was found in the parking lot of a nearby apartment complex. It had been lit on fire.

“The hard part is the little boys stuff. Both children are autistic and familiarity is very important to them and its stuff that can't be replaced,”Olivias said.

At that time police only had surveillance video from the motel. In it, a man arrives on a motorcycle, canvasses the U–haul and leaves he later returns exchanging his motorcycle for the truck.

The problem: police had no way of identifying him. It was a crimestoppers tip that eventually led them to 41–year old Kevin Hershman.

The caller indicated that Hershman removed the contents of the truck into a storage unit. Police say they located Hershman in a Lincoln hospital. It turns out he received burns from lighting the U-haul on fire.

According to Lincoln Police officer Katie Flood, Hershman told the hospital he received them from a lawn mower accident.

“Before going to the hospital he actually se t a lawnmower on fire to help facilitate this elaborate scheme,” Flood said

When Hershman was released from the hospital he was arrested for theft by unlawful taking and 2nd degree arson. Police say they most likely wouldn't have solved the case without the crimestoppers tip.

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