Man arrested for north Lincoln bank robbery

Posted By: Sarah Fili

According to Lincoln Police, 45 year old Tyrone W. Estell, was arrested for robbery of the Wells Fargo at 27th and Superior.  They say they found Estell was near 40th and Superior shortly after the robbery, as he matched the description of the suspect. 

Officers say all but $10 dollars was recovered from the robbery in a ‘stash’ spot found by officers.  They say Estell was observed in the area of where the money was stashed prior to being taken into custody.

LPD is not releasing the photograph of Estell until the investigation has been completed. 

They say Estell is also suspected of being a person police were looking for earlier in the day.  Authorities say an employee of Great Western Bank at 12th and N street reported that today at 1130 am a black male, matching Estell’s description, walked into the bank and pulled a note out of his pocket. Captain McGuire says the teller felt the man’s behavior was suspicious so the teller kept telling him that someone would help him soon.  They say the man then put the note back in his pocket and left the bank.

Estell is listed as homeless.