Man arrested in bar attack

The man accused of assaulting a California woman outside a downtown bar, is in jail this morning.  It was a scary situation for two out of town residents, but with the help of some technology and good police work, they were able to catch the suspect.

Lincoln police arrested 47–years–old Charles Johnson early Friday morning.  They say 2 women both from out of state were leaving the Keg bar near 20th and O Thursday morning…when they were attacked and robbed by Johnson.

One of the women suffered a severe brain injury from the attack.  Police say it was technology that helped crack the case. “They just happened to be recording some of the footage of them being here in Lincoln they just stopped here for the night visiting our town and recorded little tidbits little did they know a man captured in the video would later assault them so seriously,” Flood said.

Once police reviewed the video they were able to positively ID Johnson.  Johnson was arrested for 2 counts of assault and robbery.