Man dies from drowning

 Posted by: Laurann Robinson

A Fairbury man died from drowning last night at the Fairbury dam.

Reports say he was out swimming with some friends, went underwater, and never came back up.

Early yesterday evening, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office received a call saying 32-year-old Christopher Troxel had gone underwater for an alarming amount of time.

"Yesterday about 4:20 pm, Jefferson County communications received a call of somebody that was in the water down at the Fairbury dam and had not resurfaced. They estimated he had been in the water for about 10 minutes," said Sheriff Nels Sorensen.

Sheriff Sorensen says the body was pulled from an old on–site powerhouse, a location said to be riddled with rushing waters and a strong underflow.

Sheriff Sorensen adds, "it's my understanding it didn't take the dive team too long to find him. Once they found him they got him out of the water."

A dive team from Hebron was called to find Troxel's body, since Fairbury does not have its own certified dive team.

Fairbury Police Chief Chad Sprunk says although it's dangerous, a lot of people around town swim in that dam.

"I've never personally swam there, so I don't know what really attracts people there. A lot of people use the dam for fishing, so I don't know if they're trying to catch fish by hand," said Chief Sprunk.

And in the wake of this recent death, Chief Sprunk says the same advice can be taken no matter where you swim this summer.

He adds, "just be very, very careful whenever you're swimming anywhere. And just make sure you have a friend with you in case you do get into trouble so you can get out safely."

Immediately following the drowning, Troxel's body was taken to Gerdes Meyer Funeral Home in Fairbury.