Man injured in “melee” arrested for arson

Police arrested a Lincoln man who was injured in a fight earlier this week on suspicion of arson.

Lincoln police arrested Damien Brown for felony arson early Friday morning after they say he set his home at 1300 N. 26th St. on fire.  Earlier this week, police were called to the home after a “melee” at a party there.

Police say around 3 a.m. on Friday, Brown's girlfriend woke up to find him standing over her and yelling profanities.  She says she smelled what she thought was fire.  When she followed Brown to the living room, she saw him standing over the fire with charred newspapers scattered around.  Police say the woman put out the fire out and flagged down police.

Police say they were called to Brown's home on Tuesday after an altercation at a party there.  They say Brown was stabbed and his girlfriend ended up with scratches and bruises after three unwanted guests showed up.  They arrested 23-year-old Ruach Nyuon for assault after the incident.