Man Pleads Guilty to Murdering His Son

Ivan Henk plead guilty to killing his 4 year-old son in an unscheduled hearing in Sarpy County Court Tuesday. Henk told the judge that he killed his son, Brendan Gonzalez. Brendan was last seen with Henk on January sixth, 2003. The boy's body has not been found.

Henk had previously told authorities he dumped the body in a dumpster — prompting a lengthy search of the Sarpy County Landfill. Henk displayed none of the behavior he had in previous hearings. During one appearance, he yelled in open court that he had killed Brendan because he believed the boy to be the Anti-Christ. Henk at one point, had his attorney file an intent to use insanity in his defense.

Brendan's mother, Rebecca Gonzalez, says she is relieved that there will be no trial. She had hoped for the death penalty but agreed to the plea deal that would give Henk a life sentence with no possibility of parole. She plans to organize another volunteer effort to recover Brendan's remains.