Man poses as police officer to impress girlfriend

A man's attempt to impress his girlfriend ended in an arrest Tuesday night.

Lincoln Police Officer Katie Flood says they arrested 49–year–old Kelly Poulson after his girlfriend came to police and said she was afraid to leave him.  She said that Poulson was an FBI agent and had a handful of weapons.

Police looked into it and found weapons, badges and certificates of valor – but they were all fake.  They say Poulson is not a police officer, but had just been trying to impress the woman.

Flood says they arrested Poulson for some local, unrelated warrants because they can't prove he actually acted as an officer.  “We do have a state statue that covers impersonating a police officer, however it's a two-prong statute.  Someone has to claim they are an officer and act in that capacity.  At this time, we have no evidence he acted in that capacity.”