Man reunited with car one week after its stolen

Posted By: Sarah Fili

Last Thursday, 89 year old Paul Blumer opened his garage door to quite a shock.

"It’s quite a surprise to come out in the morning and see I didn’t have my normal car and I couldn’t believe it but those things happen and the reason they happen is because I had the keys in the car for one thing,” Blumer said.

Around 2 A.M. burglars broke into his garage through an unlocked door and stole his Lexus. They also stole the keys to the other car in his garage. Now just a week later Lincoln Police are returning the car to its rightful owner.

"It’ll clean up and it’ll be a nice car again and nobody better be after it again because I’ll probably be with it holding a pretty nice size gun,” he joked.

LPD arrested 29 year old Ruach Nyuon for stealing Blumers’ car and a Ford pickup.

"It’s not a very pleasant experience and it’s maddening,” Blumer said.

Police say fingerprints and papers left in the cars helped find the thief.

"There are scratches all over it. The roof is scratched up they broke off the antenna on the roof they broke the seat and all the floor mats are bad and dirty and the car smells bad. They ran into something on that,’ he said.

For Blumer, he’s just happy to have his car back, even if it is a little banged up.