Update: Man Attempts to Rob a Kwik Shop with a Power Tool

Surveillance photo

By: Dan Messineo

A masked man attempts to rob a convenience store with a power tool.  The man rushed out of the Kwik Shop with no money after the clerk refused to hand over the cash.

Police cruisers and a k9 unit quickly surround the Kwik Shop near 1st and Cornhusker Hwy.  The call came in a little before 3 a.m. Wednesday. 

Officials say the man pointed an electric power drill at the clerk, which he covered to make look like a gun.   He demanded money and the clerk refused.

The suspect is still on the loose.  Police are looking for a male, 5'5″ tall and around 140 pounds. Police say he was wearing a black sweater with a large “M” emblem on the front, jeans and gloves.  Officials say a witness saw the suspect get into a 4-door older vehicle, possibly a Buick.