Man Steals Guns From UNL Fraternity

By: Megan Palera

Police say the suspect who stole two firearms from a fraternity on UNL campus played it off like he was doing a good deed. Police say he was a contractor working at the fraternity at the time of the theft. Police raised another question, what were weapons doing in a frat house in the first place when UNL's policy strictly prohibits that.

UNL has special lockers where all weapons are to be stored and locked away if a UNL student is living on campus, or in a Greek house. The Greek houses may be private property, but they still fall under university student housing and must still follow school policy.

Sgt. John Backer, with UNL Police, says, “We're not discouraging students from having firearms. We just want them kept safe and provide for a safe learning environment.” Unfortunately for one frat member, he learned the hard way.

Earlier this week, police arrested 35-year-old Chad Klein for stealing a handgun and shotgun from Alpha Gama Nu. Police say Klein turned in the handgun over the weekend saying he found it and wanted to prevent harm.

They say the investigation later found that Klein actually stole the handgun, the shotgun was later found at his house and Klein admitted to it all.

Klein is facing charges of burglary. The owner of the stolen firearms will be handed down his punishment by the Student Judicial Affairs. The lockers provided by UNL are free for students and waiting to safely store weapons of any kind. The locker program is located at the UNL police station on 17th and R. All students need is an I. D. and they're free to come and go as they please.