Police say man tries to run over girlfriend

By: Dan Messineo

Lincoln police say a man tries to run over his girlfriend and then leads police on a wild ride.  Police said they chased Keefe Turner for awhile and then caught back up with him after his car broke down.  Turner led police on a chase in a car that had a flat tire.  The tire finally gave out and slipped off the wheel.

Police said earlier in the night they were called to southeast Lincoln where Turner threatened to kill his girlfriend and tried to run her over with his car.  Police said they caught up with Turner and that's when the chase started.  Police called off the chase and caught back up with Turner near NW 18 & West O after his car just wouldn't drive anymore because of the blown tire.  

Turner Jumped out of the car and ran off, but police said he didn't get far.  They quickly caught up and said they tasered Turner multiple times.  Police said Turner was taken to jail and faces multiple charges.