Mandatory Water Restrictions for Lincoln

A statewide drought is taking it's toll on the Capital City. And now, Lincoln Mayor Don Wesely has ordered mandatory water restrictions. He says the new restrictions are a last ditch effort by the city to prevent a water shortage. As far back as city records go, Lincoln has never been this dry mid-way through July. And our lawns and gardens are paying the obvious price.

Now, just when conditions couldn't get much worse the city is forcing residents to cut back on water. The past 4-days Lincoln residents have used about 70-million gallons of water each day. At that rate our water supply could be wiped out in just a couple months. So the city is telling residents whose address ends in an odd number to water on odd days. Those whose address ends in an even number are being forced to water only on even numbered days. It's the first time the city has forced residents to cut back on water in 28-years. You can't water gardens, flower beds, or even wash your car in your driveway unless it's your day to water.

If everyone complies, the city could save at least 10-million gallons of water every day.