Marijuana Legalization Rally

Dozens of people gathered at the capital today, calling on lawmakers to legalize hemp, or marijuana as many people know it.

The group chanted “free the seed” on the steps of the state capital Saturday afternoon.

“Smoking is actually the smallest portion of the issue of the issue of ending prohibition,” said Diana Wulf.

Wulf is the cures not wars leader, with dozens of people supporting her cause to legalize hemp, or marijuana as she tells me the prohibitionists call it.

Hemp can grow naturally across Nebraska, and she believes it could bring billions of dollars to the state's economy, because of it's industrial uses, in concrete, plastics, and even lumber.

Protesters also say it can be used as medicine.

Both of Bill Hawkins parents died this year from cancer, he believes marijuana could've helped, “I think as far as watching both of them deteriorate and not be able to get out of bed and dealing with the pain I think it would have helped alleviate a lot of that pain.”

The group also took their message beyond the capital steps, marching and chanting through parts of downtown.

Wulf says the whole thing isn't about smoking hemp and there is one thing she wants everyone to know.

“It's safer than alcohol I would recommend they use it instead of alcohol I mean its safer on your body they even show beneficial uses of it for your brain and for your lungs.”