Marriage Law Challenged

A Massachusetts Supreme Court decision is drawing quick reaction from a top Nebraska official. Attorney General Jon Bruning spoke to reporters about the decision that ruled that the state's constitution guarantees the right of marriage to same sex couples. This, coming at a time when Nebraska's ban on same sex marriages is being challenged in court. In 2000, Nebraska voters overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment barring state recognition of same sex relationships. It didn't take long for Massachusetts's decision regarding same sex marriages to hit the Cornhusker State. Attorney General Jon Bruning was the first to react. He told the Associated Press today “Does that mean you have to allow a man to marry his pet, or a man to marry his chair? I mean at some point this has to stop.” Family First denounces the ruling, saying more states need a defense of marriage act like Nebraska's. The A.C.L.U. and other groups are suing Nebraska over it's amendment, charging same sex couples are denied more than just marriage. Recently, a Nebraska judge denied a motion by the state to dismiss the lawsuit challenging the law.