Matt Sacks

Matt has always had a love for playing sports and watching them on TV. It was that love for sports, which led him to sports reporting. “Since I’m not a pro athlete, why not be the person to help broadcast sporting events?”

Matt started his sports broadcasting career as an intern with Classic Sports Network and as a production assistant with ESPN Classic. Before joining Channel 8 Eyewitness News Sports, Matt was a sports reporter for KVLY in Fargo, North Dakota. Matt says, about sports broadcasting, that it’s a great feeling knowing that you shot a game, a play or a moment that affects someone in a positive way and maybe create an image that will be preserved for future generations.

Matt enjoys being in Lincoln. He says the people are just as friendly as those he met in North Dakota, but adds that the weather is warmer here. In his spare time he might pick up his guitar or you might see him cycling around the city. He competed in the “Little 500” at Indiana University for three years. The “Little 500” is the cycling race featured in the movie “Breaking Away”. And from the, what I didn’t know about Matt Department, Matt’s second cousin was the famous ventriloquist and “Lamb Chops” originator, Shari Lewis.

You can see Matt Sacks’ sports on the weekend editions of the Channel 8 Eyewitness News.