Matt Schulte to run for Lancaster County Treasurer

Matt Schulte announced his bid for Lancaster County Treasurer, Thursday.

Schulte said he’s running his campaign on the basis of “Trust and Fiscal Responsibility.”

“The people of Lancaster County need a treasurer whom they can trust and someone who can lead in fiscally responsible ways. Through my service on the Lincoln Public School Board, I have worked hard to advocate for fiscal responsibility and to do what I say," says Schulte in a press release. "I look forward to bringing those same qualities to the County Treasurer’s Office.”

In 2015 Schulte was elected to the Board of Education for Lincoln Public Schools.

Schulte currently serves as Executive Director for Youth for Christ, an area nonprofit that has worked to improve the lives of area middle and high school students for nearly 50 years.

“As an executive in the nonprofit world, people place their trust in me to be a great steward of their resources. It is no less than what is expected of elected officials,” says Schulte.

In addition to his work with the Board of Education and Youth for Christ, Schulte founded and operates his small business Nonprofit Shared Services. His business works with other area nonprofits providing financial and accounting services to them.

“Lancaster County needs a treasurer whom they can trust to lead well and to provide solid, fiscally responsible leadership,” Schulte says. “We need someone who can take on the concerns of everyday citizens and find meaningful solutions. I believe I have demonstrated that ability.”

To learn more, visit Schulte’s campaign websites at and or call 402-937-9965.