Matt Talbot Kitchen Trying to Relocate

Matt Talbot Kitchen is trying to relocate near North 27th St., just south of Cornhusker Highway.  But there are some obstacles the buisness needs to get past before the move can be made.

Matt Talbot Kitchen has been located at the intersection of 19th and R Streets since 1995, providing 2 free meals a day for Lincoln's homeless and working poor. But now they're being forced to move because of the Antelope Valley Project.

They're hoping to move to a building on North 27th just south of cornhusker, but with a new location comes new challenges.

“It could be a good thing it's going to benefit some closer to the new area they're moving to for others it's going to be a little rougher may have to travel a little farther,” said Lincoln resident Kevin Ginger.

Even though the location of Matt Talbot's Kitchen has been a great place for so many for so long, they are actually saying the move is something they're looking forward to.

“It's a great thing if we move down it will be bigger and well like it you'll see it'd be beautiful,” said Bryan Johnson of Lincoln.

The staff at the kitchen said it was a long process to figure out where the new location would be, and they were carfeul to take into consideration the need of the people they serve.  They surveyed over 100 people who regularly visit the kitchen at it's current location, and most said they get there by either their own vehicle or bus.  The new location, which is the old neighborhood works building, is on a bus route and a bike trail runs right along it, so they feel tranportation won't be an issue.  The only problem the kitchen has seen is those in the area are hesitant to have new neighbors move in.

“We take into account safety and security and being a good community partner and that we will continue to be the good community partner that we have been,” said Executive Director Susanne Blue.

The City Council will hear from Matt Talbot Kitchen on Monday morning about their request to move.

There will also be a meeting hosted by the Clinton Neighborhood Association on Monday night for those who might have questions about the kitchen moving into their backyard.