Matt Talbot Raising Money for Souper Bowl

By: Brittany Paris

The Super Bowl is about getting together, watching the game, and eating good food. While many celebrate, others will struggle to feed themselves and their families.

The Matt Talbot Kitchen & Outreach serves almost 150 people per meal. With these dropping temperatures, that number is rising.

Michael did not want us to use his last name, but has been going to Matt Talbot for years.

“I've known the staff here pretty well, and some of the guests, too,” said Michael. “It's a great place to come to. Even if it's just somewhere warm to come and drink a cup of coffee, read the paper.”

Or somewhere to go on Super Bowl Sunday.

On a day of celebration for football fans, Matt Talbot is hoping to score a touchdown with donations.

The shelter started the “Souper Bowl of Caring,” 13 years ago. And with the hopes of raising $18,000, this year's goal is bigger than ever.

“There's so many more things we want to do here, but it always takes more money,” Vicky Drozd, Development Specialist, said. “With these donations, we can put that towards those goals.”

Matt Talbot is working with different churches in Lincoln and surrounding towns where donations can be made.

Donations can also be made by going to