Mayor Announces City Budget Changes

Mayor Chris Beutler presented changes to the 2008-2009 budget to the city council Friday.

But, the details of the city budget continue to be a work in progress.  

The Mayor is hoping the city council accepts his ideas to fill in next budget gap.

Mayor Chris Beutler announced the main alterations to the budget Friday morning and said the changes include transfers totaling 1.7 million dollars from the special assessment fund to the general fund.

That assessment fund is rarely used and has accumulated about 10-million dollars.

One of the changes included the withdraw of a proposed tax rate increase, after it was learned LES asked for a 12 percent rate increase proposal.

That's why the Mayor wants to tap into the special assessment fund.

From that same fund, the Mayor wants to transfer 260,000 to the general fund to cover the increased electricity expense that the city will have to pay.

Also, about $20,000 dollars to preserve hours at library branches.

And another 23,000 dollars would be used to preserve staffing for a program serving people with head traumas and mental health issues.

The City Council will meet again on Monday July 21st to vote on the tentative changes to the Mayors budget.

More information of the city budget is available at