Mayor Chris Beutler faces the Chamber

Posted by: Marlenia Thornton

The city of Lincoln is growing, but it has some hurdles to overcome to keep moving in the right direction.

Mayor Chris Beutler talked about those at “Face the Chamber” Wednesday.

The mayor said many exciting things are happening in Lincoln such as the citywide fiber broadband network and the $70 million redevelopment project taking place near 9th and O streets.

However, the city has had challenges like battles with city council regarding the budget.

Beutler said he’s trying not let party politics hinder the city’s progress.

"We’ve had a little pieces of severe disagreement and some bad feelings, but we’ve made a big effort to repair that,” Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler said.

The mayor also talked about tools city halls need to boost the economy and increase investment.

He mentioned some of those may be in jeopardy in the legislature like proposals dealing with restricting tax increment financing .

Former Lincoln Mayor Don Wesely was at the event.

He commends Beutler’s efforts to push the city forward.

"It’s really all about money. If you got money, you can grow a city and right now. We’re doing that. He’s doing that,” Former Lincoln Mayor Don Wesely said.

Beutler also spoke about not becoming complacent and striving to keep the city’s momentum going.

"We as a city are getting our act together to take another step forward to in terms of building the community,” Beutler said.

The next face the chamber event is March 8th.

It will feature the head of the Lincoln Airport Authority.