Mayor Chris Beutler re-elected for a third term

 Posted By: Veronica Ortega

It was a close race, but in the end Mayor Chris Beutler made history by winning a third term in office.

When the polls closed and the votes were counted Beutler walked away with 53% of the vote edging out challenger Andy Stebbing who received 47%. Just six points separated the two candidates and Beutler says he’s grateful to the people of Lincoln. 

When the election was officially called Stebbing conceded defeat in an emotional speech. He says he’s honored to have been a part of the race and draw attention to the issues.

“No matter what these issues were brought forward. City hall and the Mayor can approach them because I think people will say hey you promised to do these things,” says Lancaster County Treasurer Andy Stebbing. 

Beutler spoke to Stebbing on the phone and they promised to keep in touch and discuss the city’s problems.

“I intend to be very proactive and communicative with the public. To see what it is they would like to move forward with and get a number of projects on the runway and ready to go,” says Chris Beutler.

Stebbing thanked his supporters and looks forward to the future, “I will go back to work tomorrow morning. I’ll coach my son’s little league baseball team and stuff like that. Will I run for something again someday? We’ll see.”

Beutler says one of the top issues on his agenda will be expanding Lincoln’s hi-speed internet system.

“Times change and we have to change in order to remain competitive,” says Beutler. This third term is one for the books making Beutler the longest serving Mayor in Lincoln’s history.