Mayor Gives State Of The City Address Speech

A property tax hike and a special election for a bond-issue. Those were two of the main points in the annual “State of the City” address delivered Monday afternoon by Lincoln Mayor Coleen Seng.

In her address, Seng pointed out improvements that have been made during her first term in office. But most of her remarks focussed on the city-budget for the upcoming fiscal-year. The mayor is calling for a 5 1/2-percent hike in the city's portion of the property-tax levy.

For the owner of a 125-thousand-dollar home, the property-tax hike would be about 20-dollars a year. The last time a property tax increase was approved in Lincoln was 1993. The mayor Monday also called for a special election in September for a 75-million-dollar bond-issue to help fund such infrastructure needs as streets, roads and trails.