Mayor hopes the city can buy pothole patching machines

Posted By: Jenn Hatcher

Pothole repairs in Lincoln could be easier in the future.

The city is looking to buy two new trucks that would make the process more efficient.

The special trucks, that use a spray system to fill potholes, could be sold to the city for 217,000 dollars a piece. That money would come from the 10 million dollars left over from the Antelope Valley Project. The mayor released his plan for that money in early March, which included these trucks.

The poly patching machines are supposed to extend the life of pothole and pavement crack repairs.

Officials say the two, truck– mounted spray patchers are more productive than the four–man crews, who currently spend every spring trying to catch up on pothole repairs.

Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler says, “We do know they’ll damage cars and make life miserable for those of us who are trying to drive back and forth to work and other places, so it’s really been on our minds to find a better way of filling these potholes that’s faster.”

Public works says having this innovative equipment would allow their four-man crews to work on other projects. They say this pothole filling process

The city council does still needs to vote on the entire 10-million dollar street improvement project.

Next Monday (March 23rd) the city council will have a public hearing and take final action on March 30th.

The mayor says he hopes to have the trucks around the city by next winter.