Mayor says no mandatory water restriction yet

By: Rachael Witter

No mandatory water restriction for Lincoln yet. Today the Mayor announced a new usage goal to follow, it's also for city departments.

The first goal was 65 million gallons. Now the city wants it down to 60 million, and the city is taking measures to reduce its own use.

You might be wondering why some city owned properties are still green and flourishing. Officials says they don't impact the city's water supply.

“At this point, if people are seeing green lawns out there with the exception of ball fields, anything that's green in parks at this point including Union Plaza, those are sites that are on wells,” said Lynn Johnson with Parks and Rec.

Signs will be posted at facilities with private wells to let the public know. The city is reducing watering on ball fields and golf course fairways, but expensive-to-replace greens will still be watered daily.

“We knew that we were approaching this, to keep the fields playable and to keep the infields safe you gotta apply water to them. The good news is the season is ending, we're going to start backing off water there too,” said Johnson.

Fountains in the city that are not connected to separate wells have also been turned off. While mandatory water restrictions aren't in the cards yet, the city will be monitoring new computer models to make a final decision early next week.

“We're evaluating what water we have left, because remember we have Fall and Winter so we can't take all the water out of the aquifer. We won't have anything left,” said Jerry Obrist with Lincoln Water System.

The city is doing its part to meet the goal and is asking residents to cut their usage by 20 percent to reach the 60 million gallon mark.