Mayor vetoes proposed charter change

Posted By: Kelsey Murphy

It’s a debate between powers.

Councilman Jon Camp is proposing a city charter change that would give the City Council more oversight in professional service contracts.

Right now, he says they have none and that contracts are handled under Mayor Beutler’s authority.

"We look at balance and try to strive for a good balance between the City Council and the Mayor," Jon Camp, Councilman, said.

Camp began work on the proposal last August.

Earlier this month, the City Council voted along party lines to approve it 4–3. Republicans with the majority.

On Monday, the Mayor, a democrat, sent out a message saying he vetoed the proposal.

Keep in mind, it would take five yes votes to override it and put it on the May 10th primary ballot.

The Mayor argues, "Reducing mayoral authority is a step backward for the growing city and could add weeks to the development process."

City Council member Trent Fellers disagrees, he supports putting the issue in front of voters and possibly sharing the power with the Mayor.

"It would run through the City council, it would be transparent so you could see it throughout the process of its development and they would be able to have input on it through public hearings," Trent Fellers, Councilman, said.

However, according Beutler, giving City Council more power on this issue would be problematic.

He says, "Efforts to weaken and bog down that management ability threaten the tremendous progress our community has enjoyed these last eight years."

City Council will vote on the override next Monday, again they need 5 votes to put it on the ballot.