Mayor’s budget could mean changes for accident reports

By: Sabrina Ahmed

The Mayor proposed the city budget today, and it could mean big changes for accident reports.

Part of the Mayor's budget will eliminate two Lincoln police officers. None will lose their jobs, the city just won't hire any new ones. Officials say this is to focus more on the core functions of the force. City Councilman, Adam Hornung, says Lincoln can't afford to lose those cops on the street.

“We can still get back to our core functions but keep those police officers and make sure that they're out on the streets protecting people,” said Hornung.

The councilman says this isn't about the money, it's about keeping Lincoln safe. In comparison to the rest of the state, Lincoln has a very low cop-to-citizen ratio and cannot afford to make it lower. Hornung also says there is room in the budget to keep the officers on board.

Regardless if the cops say stay on the force, it is encouraged that they  move their efforts elsewhere. As far as not writing up reports for non-injury accidents, insurance agent, Chuck Clifford, says he uses the reports to streamline the claim process.

If they're gone, he doesn't think it will have a big affect on the Lincoln population. “It's a wonderful tool but it wouldn't be absolutely necessary,” said Clifford, with State Farm. For these agents, it will mean a little more time to get the claim together.

Body shop owner, Daniel Lococo, says he can't do his job without the claim. “If there is a delay in getting a claim filed and finding out who's going to pay for what then it's going to delay maybe getting the cars into the shop,” said Lococo.