Mayor’s Proposed Budget


On Monday Mayor Chris bBeutler presented his nearly 140 million dollar budget proposal to the city council.  Now some members are speaking out.

Mayor Beutler told the city council this afternoon he crafted the upcoming year's budget proposal with three priorities in mind, maintaining our quality of life, supporting our local economy and increasing our sales tax revenue.

In Jon Camp's 12 years dealing with budgets, he says this is one of the toughest, “gosh i would say this is in the top 3 as far as the hardest to deal with.”

The mayor is proposing a nearly 140–million dollar budget, in it, several cuts to things like downtown parking enforcement, the star city holiday parade, the 4th of July uncle sam jam and even some star tran bus service.

That, in particular, is what worries John Spatz.

He thinks our low–income population will feel the extra pinch.

But the mayor says the reductions are necessary due in part to state–mandated raises for some city employees.

Spatz says maybe it's time for state law makers to step in.

 “I think we need to look at the legislature this next year and ask if they are willing to look at some of these laws these mandates and are they willing to look at them and make some changes going forward.”

But that won't happen until at least next year, so now the council must consider tapping in to a one time rainy day fund to reduce the blow.

“Nobody's gonna walk out of here being the good guy we're all gonna look pretty tough because we're gonna have to make some serious cuts.”

Camp's goal, to keep necessities like the police and fire departments cut–free.

For everything else, he wants to hear from you.


“I'm going to really come down hard on the fact that we need to prioritize  and just make sure the service were providing are those core service the citizens want and then defer to individual citizens to handle the rest themselves.”

Starting on Tuesday the council will hold a series of meetings to begin sorting through all this.