MDA Syracuse Fundraiser

The Syracuse community is coming together to raise money for muscular dystrophy research this Sunday at Syracuse High School.

People got the idea as a way to honor one special boy in town who's fighting the disease.

We met one brave teenager who's determined to help find a cure for MDA and his entire town is helping too.

Some say life will be cut short for Brett Dettmer, the 13 year old was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy when he was 3 years old.

Children who have the disease usually don't live past the age of 30.

Brett's parents stress the fact that he's a normal kid.

He plays video games, gets good grades in school and bickers with his 16 year old brother.

The last several years haven't been the easiest for the Dettmer's.

And they know the years coming won't be either.

Jim and Dawn say watching their son's body deteriorate as other boys his age grow, is sometimes a sad and difficult task.

All the Dettmer's know, they agree, their family has a wonderful life.

That's why raising money for research and finding a cure for muscular dystrophy is so important to them, so everything wonderful doesn't come to an end.

The four Dettmers say they keep fighting, so thousands of people, like their youngest son Brett, can live a life 'not' cut short, but never cut at all.

Brett dettmer is an avid Husker fan, he says if he could have any dream at all.

It would be to get out of his wheelchair and play football once again.

The Kings and Queens muscular dystrophy fundraiser is this Sunday from 12-5 PM at Syracuse High School.

There will be a raffle, auction, lunch and a magic show.