Medical episode halts Dixon Trial Thursday

The Armon Dixon rape trial has been postponed Thursday after an incident took place in the courtroom. The trial was supposed to reconvene at 9 am Thursday morning, but at about 15 minutes before security locked the doors to the courtroom as emergency responders started rushing in.

It was Armon Dixon who was taken out the back door by ambulance. Sheriff Terry Wagner said Dixon had a medical episode.

But that's all that is known at this time. Dixon was expected to testify Thursday. Dixon is accused of raping a clerk and robbing the Casey's General store near 56th and Superior last March. Wednesday, a DNA analyst said there's a 1 in 3.1–7 quintillion chance that the DNA found in a condom near the scene belongs to someone other than Dixon. On the defense side Wednesday Dixon's sister testified that the car spotted near the scene, can't be Dixon's because his car was out of service.

Just after 10 o'clock the jury was released from the courtroom instructed to come back Friday.

Dixon was released from the hospital and taken back to jail late Thursday morning.